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Lifesong Clubhouse aims to empower teens and young people through coaching, creative writing, reading, film, music and personal life stories. We seek to develop and nurture a passion for inspired and purposeful living. Part of the income generated from the clubhouse activities will be used to support Lifesong Kenya’s juvenile prison program and activities.

Lifesong Clubhouse Activities

(a). Reading club that targets school children aged 3-11 years old and is ideal for school clubs. Our objective is to create a passion for reading and purposeful living in children as opposed to watching too much TV.

(b). Reading camps during school holidays in April, August and December. We provide story books and come up with a comprehensive reading and creative writing program for your child. The online forum is for consultation purposes as well as accessing instructional materials that can be accessed via email.

(c). Discounted prices on children’s products and services such as toys, books, stationery, themed birthday cakes, videography, birthday parties, baby showers, e.t.c.

(d). Mentoring and Coaching

Our mentoring and coaching programs targets individuals and groups. If you have a teen who needs someone to walk to, then we are the go-to source to count on. In addition, we also offer counselling and guidance services for children.


  • Increased interest in learning and life
  • Improved grammar and writing skills
  • Improved inter-personal skills
  • A changed attitude towards self, others and life

Our Guarantee

We have worked with hundreds of children, teens and youth in various set ups. We therefore guarantee that your sons and daughters will be in capable hands of individuals who are committed to giving their very best for the success.

Join our mailing list now to enjoy our services. You can also support our work in juvenile prisons by coming to work as a volunteer or send in monthly contributions of an amount of your choice.


Thanks for using my links to make purchases. I make a small commission which supports my work with children and teens.

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11 thoughts on “Lifesong Clubhouse

  1. Hi. This I must say is a NOBLE inititative, and I would love to be a part of it. How can I join in as a mentor? I am a Nurse (currently teaching though) and have spare time over the weekends.

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