Throwing Pebbles is about sharing parenting tips and inspirational stories of individuals who share their passion, success and experiences in their careers. The stories are about your next door neighbour, your dentist, a far off stranger and well, you!

This is a go-to source where parents, educators and learners can find learning tools that empower them to continue becoming the best they can ever be. In a world where information matters, we strive to bring you the best information. If you have a story idea or article, feel free to contact us now

About our tools

We write and feature stories that will inspire you to empower your children, teens and the whole family to discover their God-given treasures. By doing so, we hope the next generation of learners will find a fertile soil for their own growth and success.

The blog features:-

  • interviews
  • tips for parents, teens and career people
  • creative writing and reading resources
  • coaching using the matrix of a learner
  • treasure hunt
  • story telling

My Guarantee

By changing the usual narratives, we hope to cause a ripple effect in the whole family. Those who are passionate will get re-energized. Those those who stopped dreaming will pick up their dreams and run with it! This is what Throwing Pebbles is all about.

Feel free to contact us for tips, suggestions or, just say hi.

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