5 Simple Tips That Working Moms Will Absolutely Love

Can a mom have a career, a marriage, happiness and a healthy relationship with her loves ones? Here are 5 simple tips that working moms will absolutely love.

Balancing work and family for working mothers is always pretty tough. You may not have it all, but that does not mean it is mission impossible. Here are some of the tips that will make these days possible.

5 simple tips that working moms will absolutely love

  • Handling Logistics of Childcare or School

Research for good quality schools or day care for your children. Ask for recommendations from your neighbours, friends or relatives. You can also read and seek for reviews that will enable you to select a choice that suits your family needs.

Finding the best school or day care will give you peace of mind when you are at work or running errands. Have contacts of a caregiver who can fill in when the day care or school closes.

Create a good rapport with your neighbours. This will come in handy when you need to leave your children with them. You can get help from family and friends who can provide back up help and support. Make sure you reward your friends or family members who help with taking care of your children.

  • Bonding with Your Children Daily
5 simple tips that working moms will absolutely love
Quality time with your child helps grow a strong bond (Photo: Sai De Silva/Unsplash)

When at home, ensure the time spent with family is meaningful and intentional. Spend quality time with your children every day. This can only happen when you don’t carry your work home. If you work from home, ensure your work stops before your children come back home from school.

Working at home can deny you the opportunity to spend quality time with your children. Put your phone aside and switch off the television. By doing so, you will be able to give your children undivided attention.

  • Find out how their day in school was

Go beyond what the teacher taught and what they learned while in class. Ask about their friends, interests and hobbies. This will show that you are genuine and interested in their lives.

Even spending 10 minutes playing your children goes along way in growing a strong bond. This being so, do not disregard the power of simple things such as throwing a ball or rolling on the floor.

For children, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do it together. This is where quality time overrides quantity.

  • Create a Support Group with Like Minded Parents
support group
Find a support group made up of like-minded moms (Photo: Ben White/Unsplash)

Accept that there will be wonderful days and bad days. Let go of the mum guilt. Making a choice to be a working mother is a choice that should be admired and not judge or ashamed.

As a working mom, you should know that you are not alone. You should discuss your feelings, struggles and need for a break with a support group or a husband. By having a support group, you are able to create a work home balance.

  • Manage Your Work Life
Team work
Productivity at work ensures you don’t carry work home (Photo: Mimi Thian/Unsplash)

If possible arrive early at work and be present (visible) as much as you can. Create boundaries between work and home and avoid bringing work home.
Avoid picking calls and emails that occur when your official work is over.

Even when emergencies arises at the workplace, resist the urge to intrude. Your clients and colleagues will respect your effort to find a balance.

Learn to delegate work to interns or employees that you supervise. This includes tasks that you think are simple. Not only will you be able to get more work done, interns and employees can gain valuable skills.

You can also ask your colleagues to share work load when you have too much on your plate at work.

  • Give Your Employer Your Very Best

Make a point of giving your employer quality time at work.

Avoid distractions and time wasting by focusing on your work. Use lunch or tea breaks to catch up with coworkers instead of using working hours to chit chat. during lunch break or tea breaks.


Is it possible to have best of both worlds?

The answer is a resounding yes. However, it won’t come that easy. It is a balance you’ll have to work for in order to achieve.

Some days you will be guilty of working too much. There will also be other days when you will feel you are not working enough. But don’t let that deceive you. Be grateful for what you have.

Take it a day a time. Ask your friends and family to help you find a balance. Their contribution can go along way in helping you create and find a beautiful life balance.

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